Happy Crochet Box (November 2020)

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If you've ever wanted to crochet and don't know where or how to start, this is the last place you need to look. I will take you through every step. I'll even hand dye whatever color you're wanting for your very first crochet project with us.

The holidays are approaching, dear one. Why not GIFT something to your loved ones? This pandemic has left many people high and dry. But the holidays aren't about having all the monies to make our gift giving great. It's about the love we share and the gratitude we have for each other. I'll teach you how to make an ear warmer and a hot pad. Keep it for yourself or gift it to a special someone.

In the box you'll receive:

- 220 yards of 100% wool yarn, hand dyed by ME for YOU!

- 1 crochet hook

- 1 tapestry needle

- 24/7 access to our private Crochet-Along Facebook group

- Private class tutorials to follow along during the project